Bataireacht in an Australian dinner

This story was taken from the Evening News, February 28th 1933.


Irish Ire In A Cafe Fight

SYDNEY, Monday.

Using a “shillelagh” with great effect, the Irish proprietor of an all night restaurant in Petersham completely turned the tables upon a pair of larrikins, who had attempted to attack him. Having served two young men with pies and coffee at about 3 .a.m., the proprietor, a small, middle-aged man, was attending to the shop, when he noticed one of the customers behaving disgustingly. His sharply worded remonstrance brought the two larrikins to their feet and threateningly they came behind the counter. The proprietor’s Irish blood rose, and, seizing a heavy “shillelagh”made, from a wheel-spoke, he made for his attackers. Wielding the club with deadly effect, he quickly had the pair on the defensive, and in a few minutes the fight was over. Detectives found one of the men lying on the floor, semi conscious and suffering from concussion, and the other groaning in a corner with a badly swollen jaw. One was admitted to Lewisham Hospital, and the other spent the night in the cells at the Petersham police station. Asked whether he intended to take further action, the proprietor stated, rather naively, that he would not charge the two with assault. He expressed satisfaction, with the result of “the little shindy, and said he would make no claim for payment for the pies and coffee. 
From Percy Lunghurst’s 1918 book

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