My name is Maxime Chouinard. I created this blog as a source of materials and articles on Historical Martial Arts that do not get as much attention as they should. After visiting many forums, groups and blogs, I found that subjects pertaining to arts outside the Medieval and Renaissance quickly got drowned in the overwhelming discussions on longsword, creating a sort of vicious circle where certain arts get more and more popular because information about them is easily available. I also found myself explaining over and over to people at HEMA events that I was not practicing longsword, which inspired the name for this blog. Although the Kunst Des fechtens and related arts are quite interesting -and that I encourage anyone to try them – there are many others which deserve to be better known.

You will find on this blog articles on history, the sociology of HMA, translations and transcriptions as well as more light material. I hope you enjoy.

About the author: I live in Gatineau, Quebec, where I am Supervisor of Historical Collections at Parks Canada. I have been doing martial arts for nearly 20 years and now teach bataireacht (Antrim Bata) and sabre, among other things.

HMA: Historical Martial arts are combat arts, games and sports recreated from documentation, experimentation or handed down through tradition and which have a deep historical relevance. I use HMA instead of HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) as I do not only write about the arts of the European continent.

Where I teach:

Bataireacht and Historical Fencing Faction (Ottawa)

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