Once in a while I encounter swords of exceptional character in the different auctions I follow. To bring to light some of the masterpieces of post Renaissance sword making, I decided to start this series in which I will present a different sword each month.

For my first post, I present this Italian presentation sabre made in Naples by Salvatore Negri in 1861. The blade is made of Damascus steel with a unique wavy chiseled back and engraved with the Savoy shield. The grip is of ebony with a gilded-silver filigree net. The guard is gilded-silver and presents an effigy of Garibaldi surrounded by the wolf of St. Mark and the Capitoline Wolf.  This sword was the property of one Captain Pasquale Petrone, captain of the 4th battalion of Naples’ National Guard, deputy of the Italian Parliament, and a high ranking Freemason.

Garibaldi was of course the leader of the Italian Reunification movement, and this sword was probably made following the conquest of Naples in 1860 by Garibaldi’s forces.

Source: Czerny’s


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